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Patients from varying work backgrounds can experience a work-related orthopedic injury. Joint injuries can occur during a fall, from blunt trauma, from repetitive movements or during an automobile accident in a company vehicle. If your orthopedic injury is due to an accident in the workplace, please be sure to contact your employer immediately and inform them of your injury. 


We provide expedient access to musculoskeletal specialists, and are skilled at establishing early diagnosis and implementing appropriate treatment plans in a timely fashion. This timely intervention enables us to assist patients to achieve maximum ability, and successful return to work.


For patients whose orthopedic injury is work related, you must provide Dr. Ziegler’s office with all pertinent information listed below, such as insurance carrier, claim number, date of injury, adjuster’s name, phone number and fax number before the appointment is scheduled.

The following information must be obtained and verified prior to your visit with Dr. Ziegler:

  • Date of Injury

  • Case or claim number

  • WCAB#, if applicable

  • Workers’ compensation carrier information

  • Adjuster’s name

  • Adjuster’s telephone number

  • Employer

  • Insurance updates


Our office needs to receive authorization from your employer before we can process any medical claims. Failure to properly report your work injury to your employer may result in your claims being denied. Denied claims will be your responsibility.

NEOS has a certified nurse case manager dedicated to coordinating the required authorizations and paperwork as well as serving as a liaison between the patient, employer/insurer and medical provider. 


For more information, contact Jane Sutter, RN at 413-233-1108.

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