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Dr. Ziegler has prepared instructions and pre-op surgical information that we recommend our patients to read before their surgeries take place. Please refer to the educational materials on this site to learn more about the surgical procedures, rehab and recovery processes offered by Dr. Ziegler.

Dr. Ziegler and his team are extremely vigilant about patient health optimization and sterility to prevent infection. Our patients are always cared for by board certified anesthesia doctors who specialize in regional anesthesia to minimize postoperative pain.

Before surgery, you will receive a physical examination and health evaluation that may, depending on your age and health history, require a separate pre-operative medical clearance performed by your primary care provider. This may also include blood work, urinalysis and an EKG study to evaluate your heart. If these routine tests are required, they should be performed ideally within one week before your surgery or at least within 30 days of your surgery date.


Below is a recommended checklist to follow so that you are prepared and ready to go the day of your surgery:

  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your surgery.

  • On the morning of your surgery, if you are having shoulder surgery, do not apply deodorant under the arm.

  • If you are having outpatient surgery and going home after your surgery, you will need to have someone available and ready to pick you up from the hospital or surgery center. You cannot drive yourself because it is unsafe to you and other motorists.

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